Narcissists aren’t very conservative but believe in inequality

Probing the views and personalities of 2000 people has found that narcissists don’t much care about traditional values, but they are more racially prejudiced The Evolution of Humans: how we’re rewriting the human story Are narcissists more likely to be right-wing conservatives or rebellious liberals? A study of narcissistic personalities reveals they typically combine elements […]

EU-Abgeordnete: Berichte über schwere sexuelle Belästigung im EU-Parlament

Mitarbeiterinnen aus dem EU-Parlament beschuldigen mehrere Abgeordnete, sie sexuell bedrängt oder begrapscht zu haben. Auch zwei deutsche Parlamentarier werden genannt. Auch im Europaparlament soll es zu Fällen schwerwiegender sexueller Belästigung gekommen sein. EU-Parlamentspräsident Antonio Tajani sprach in Straßburg von schockierenden Anschuldigungen und kündigte an, dass das Präsidium sich unverzüglich mit der Frage befassen werde. Zugleich […]

Iraq rebuffs Tillerson over militias

Iraq’s PM defends Iran-backed units in talks with the US secretary of state, who criticised their role. Iraq’s prime minister has defended Iran-backed militias, during talks with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson who had criticised their role. During Mr Tillerson’s visit to Baghdad, PM Haider al-Abadi called the fighters the “hope of Iraq and […]

Angry soldier’s widow says Trump didn’t know husband’s name

WASHINGTON (AP) — A fallen soldier’s angry widow joined the stormy dispute with President Donald Trump on Monday over his response to her husband’s death, declaring that his failure to remember the soldier’s name in last week’s condolence call “made me cry.” He retorted that the call was “very respectful” and her accusation about her […]

Iran-Deal: Die Hacker, die Trump ruft

US-Präsident Trump sieht in den Atomwaffen des Iran die eine große Gefahr. Bricht er allerdings mit dem Deal seines Vorgängers Barak Obama, erwarten Sicherheitsexperten ganz andere Probleme für die USA. Regelmäßig neue Updates aus dem WIRED-Kosmos! US-Präsident Trump sieht in den Atomwaffen des Iran die eine große Gefahr. Bricht er allerdings mit dem Deal seines […]

Social Security: 7 guideline changes coming in 2018

There’s no more important time of the year for Social Security beneficiaries than mid-October. Let’s take a look at the seven biggest changes to Social Security in 2018. For those not familiar with the way Social Security claiming works, you become eligible at age 62, with your benefits growing by 8% annually until age 70. […]

Returning to Second Life

Long after its grandest ambitions have faded, the platform still boasts people and profit. That much hyped “Next Internet?” You may remember it better by its official name—Second Life. For many modern Internet users, the platform has likely faded far, far from memory. But there’s no denying the cultural impact Second Life had during the brief height […]